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we worked this winter


Bobby Brown and I are incredibly fortunate to spend January and February (each year for the last ten years or so) on the South Coast of Jamaica, in the Parish of St. Elizabeth. This year we feel especially lucky to have been by the sea, making art and teaching dance, surrounded by goats, cows, sheep, cats, coral reefs, farms, hills and people we have known and loved for many years. We had a rented room on the second floor, that opens onto a beautiful veranda, where we watched the sun rise and set, ate our meals, made art, entertained visitors and communed with the nightingales, doves and other birds who gave concerts morning and evening. And the sea is only a stone's throw away. It was truly nourishing and productive.

I worked mainly with watercolors and india ink. The ones shown below are 11x15".

Bobby made blocks, eggs and jewelry pieces of lignum vitae wood and many images of trees on paper with watercolor and collaged with fabric, painted vinyl and other materials. See some of these below.

We returned to Cambridge, MA in early March. During this very difficult time of sheltering in place, we are continuing to make art. It is what keeps us sane in the midst of this pandemic. We are among the fortunate, with a home to shelter in, food to eat and art supplies; we are indeed grateful.

Two recently completed mixed media works of mine (watercolor collaged with vinyl painted with acrylic) are shown below:

Town on a Hill, 22x15.5" (detail shown)

Baltimore, 1967, 15x17.5"

Bobby has been making more trees.

Below: Tree of Light at Night, mixed media collage, 13x20"

Tree with Huts, mixed media collage, 17x24"

and temporary block installations, like this one.

For questions, comments, or price inquiries, Contact Us. In this time when our Open Studios have been cancelled, we'd be especially grateful to hear from you.

Stay home, stay safe. Peace and blessings,


All images copyright Joan Green or Bobby Brown. Please do not duplicate. Thank you for respecting our work.


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