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RECENT WORK by Joan Green

Or So It Seems

mixed media on Stonehenge paper

40x28", 2023, nfs

Juror's Choice Award, National Prize Show of the Cambridge Art Association 2023, juror Robin Cembalist

Species c&d site.jpg

Species (or whatever floats your inflatable unicorn)

mixed media

49x32", 2019, nfs

Exhibited in Encounter, invitational exhibit, Fountain St. Gallery, SoWa, Boston MA 2019

Sardine Strivers new.jpg

Sardine Strivers

mixed media on board with black frame

20x18" including frame

2023, nfs

Exhibited in HOME, LexArts, Lexington MA, 2023

In Their Seats

mixed media relief on board

28x21.5", 2023, nfs

Insomnia 3.jpg


oil on canvas

24x36", 2022-23, nfs

Dreaming of Seaside.jpg

Seaside Dream

oil on canvas

35.5x25.5", 2023, nfs

What If?

text (partially) reads: What if our country is so divided that it's actually ungovernable? What if facism is really coming? What if the vaccine isn't really effective? What if all the places where I used to buy my clothes are out of business? What if the police keep on shooting black people? What if the schools keep teaching our children the same old lies? What if the planet can no longer support human life? What if I lose my job?

oil on canvas

30x24", 2020, SOLD

Malice in the Palace

mixed media

20x28", 2022, SOLD

Exhibited at Over the Rainbow and Under the Sea, Mosesian Center for the Arts, juried by Boriana Kantecheva, Watertown MA

Dance Floor #1.jpg

Dance Floor 1

India ink on paper

10x11", 2023, nfs

The next series of images are all of one dancer and one animal. They will be part of a multi-image installation I am creating. After the installation is exhibited, they will be for sale individually.  All were created in 2023.

Dancer with Animal 2.jpg

Dancer with Fox

mixed media (acrylic on vinyl, watercolor, stamp print)


Dancer with Animal 3.jpg

Dancer with Cat

mixed media (black walnut ink, watercolor, washi)


Dancer with Animal 4.jpg

Dancer with Gecko

mixed media (pronto plate lithograph with collage)


Dancer with Animal 6.jpg

Dancer with Birds

mixed media (acrylic watercolor, india ink, black walnut ink, joss paper)


Dancer with Animal 7.jpg

Dancer with Dragon Lizard

mixed media (monotype, watercolor, India ink), 11x11"

Dancer with Animal 8.jpg

Dancer with Bear

mixed media (monotype, washi, colored paper, silver marker)


Dancer with Animal 9.jpg

Dancer with Chimpanzee

mixed media (litho crayon, India ink, watercolor, pages from manual


Dancer with Animal 10.jpg

Dancer with Tiger

mixed media (watercolor, stamp printing, acrylic on vinyl, Tiger Balm box


Dancer with animal 12.jpg

Dancer with Squirrel

mixed media (acrylic on vinyl, watercolor, toned paper) on paper, 11x11"

Wellfleet Winter.jpg

Wellfleet Winter

mixed media (acrylic on vinyl, collaged)

11x15", nfs, 2021

Motherhood I.jpg

Motherhood I

Spray paint on vinyl, collaged on paper


2022, nfs

Motherhood II.jpg

Motherhood II

Spray paint on vinyl, collaged on paper


2022, SOLD

Motherhood III.jpg

Motherhood III

Spray paint on vinyl, collaged on paper


2022,  $175

Motherhood IV.jpg

Motherhood IV

Spray paint on vinyl collaged on paper


2022, nfs

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