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Headspace Series

In this series of dream scenes, I cut up, collage and paint on earlier discarded oil on paper works. Gravity, perspective, logic are all suspended while color, line, memory, and fantasy are employed to comment on aspects of our human experience. Making these works, I feel enormous empathy and love for my subjects, so the process of making them opens my heart. The inclusion of plants, trees and birds reflects my awareness of the interdependence of species. Because I have always worked in many media, the series includes acrylic on vinyl, a monoprint and a hanging made from fabric paint and embroidery on cotton/linen. This series was made between 2020 and 2022.

Many of these images were exhibited in FIGURE, a 5 artist exhibit at Becket Arts Center, Becket MA in summer, 2023.  Fragile Balance was also exhibited at Collages and Constructions, Menino Arts Center, Dorchester MA, curated by Sasja Lucas in 2021.

Click on any image to view larger, with title, media, dimensions and price.

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