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Bring Your Own Stories: solo exhibit of paintings by Joan Green

Newton Free Library is hosting this exhibit from November 2 through November 30, 2018 in the Main Hall. The Library is located at 330 Homer Street, Newton MA. A reception will be held Monday, November 5 from 7 til 8:30.

Joan's work includes oils on paper and canvas, and mixed media pieces. There is a narrative quality to her work, and also mystery. The group of paintings she is showing in this exhibit have a new freedom, a deepened exploration of ambiguity and accident.

"Though I have made art continuously since I could hold a crayon, dance and choreography was my first career. I have taught many kinds of dance to many populations. Improvisation has been central to all of it. Now that I have shifted my focus to visual art, I see how the approach of improvisation informs my artistic process. I begin to paint in any way I am moved to and I continue that process until images emerge from the picture. I try to postpone that moment as long as possible. The subject appears and then I work for a long time to refine it. I am fascinated by this method of exploring the intersection of accident, imagination, gesture and memory.

I am fortunate to paint for a few months each year on the south coast of Jamaica, in a small farming village where life is pretty rough and basic and surrounded by incredible beauty. Spending time there over many years has resulted in a vibrant color palette that finds its way into all my work."

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